14 February 2014

Ellen & Luke Engagement - New York City

 In honor of Cupid's day... I thought I'd jump on the love movement and share some engagement photos I shot for two of my dear friends Ellen & Luke.  We shot the series at a coffee shop where they spent many of their first dates and then worked our way around the Lower East Side.  I must say, when your subjects are two lovebirds like them, it made it very easy (and super fun) to shoot.  Looking forward to their Kentucky nuptials this spring!  Go #teamcolliver!

12 February 2014

The Post-Ups: Faces of Fashion Week; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY FW14

 For this years Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, I decided to brave the cold and shoot the fashionistas of Lincoln Center a little different, more than just full body portraits.  I paid less attention to the clothes (blasphemy, I know) and decided to get up close and focus on the Faces of Fashion Week.   In case you were wondering, fur is still in, prints are still in, and of course - smiling's still out.

Oh, and Kelly Rowland's now rockin a 'bob.

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Patricia Field x The Keith Haring Foundation Fashion Week Event

27 October 2013

Oktoberfest 2013 - Bear Mountain State Park, NY

Returned for our second annual trip up to Bear Mountain State Park for Oktoberfest 2013.  Starting from September 13 until October 26, we were sure to grab our tickets early as every year tends to sell out.  Fall foliage was much more appealing this year, however the 3 hour Circle Line ferry ride from 42nd street was much colder since we boarded on the final ride for the season.  Prior to last year, most of our day was spent on the boat and due to long lines for beer and food, time was limited once we entered Oktoberfest on the mountain.  Alas, a great escape from Manhattan allowed us to take in the autumn air and colorful scenery along the Hudson.

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